The MAXS Connect

Mobile Engagement System


Most people want to connect with others – business colleagues, associates, customers, prospects, donors, friends and family.
MAXS Connect is a revolutionary mobile engagement system that has been designed to give you the ability to connect with others and share information with those that choose to connect to your MAXS.
Contacts can receive your MAXS individually from you (email, text) or through mass invitation by means of QR codes or short codes. Regardless of how contacts receive your MAXS, you create a unique one-on-one information and content sharing connection with your MAXS holders.
Once connected to you, the MAXS holder has immediate access to all of your information that you choose to share: contact information, business information, web sites, charity, social media, video, e-commerce, coupons, VIP programs etc., and custom rich content that you can create directly on your MAXS dashboard.
Likewise, from your dashboard, you also have access to your contact's MAXS and all of the information shared by them. A true TWO-WAY information sharing link!
Importantly, MAXS Connect goes beyond this intimate two-way link. By using the optional MAXS Marketing System, you can easily design and execute an amazing number of marketing campaigns to your contacts. Specials, promotions, coupons, loyalty programs, special events, donor events, sports events – the list goes on…
MAXSdirect gets the information and content flowing between connected MAXS holders – a breakthrough in mobile one-to-one communication!